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We have experience organizing treks where our guests can investigate and learn about Nepal's amazing geology, hydrology and meteorology. This experience comes from many years of working with American and European earth scientists. Our guides have organized logistical support and participated in research projects over the entire extent of Nepal. We have supported research projects ranging from modern-day climate studies to investigations of the Himalayan Fold Thrust Belt's major faults. If you are interested in Nepal's geology, we can help make your research successful! Most research projects in Nepal require official sanction from the government. We can facilitate all required paper work, including research permits. We have a good working relationship with the Geology Department at Tribhuvan University. Additionally, we work frequently with the Department of Mines and Geology, Hydrology and Meteorology, and the Ministry of Science and Technology. We are able to provide a wide range of services (such as acquiring topographic maps and aerial photographs) that will contribute to the success of any project.

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